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Cork City Council adverse weather update and advice Wednesday December 22nd 2010  

As temperatures are predicted to remain below freezing over the coming days, Cork City Council continues to work to ensure the safety of roads and footpaths for traffic and pedestrians in the city. The Council’s Roads Maintenance division will carry out full salting/gritting runs on defined routes which prioritise main traffic routes, bus routes and other areas such as those adjacent to hospitals, cemeteries, universities and schools. 

Footpaths and bridges will also be treated, especially in the city centre in areas of greatest pedestrian movement. Crews will also respond to reports of ice at specific locations.

Cork City Council is continuing to make grit available free of charge to members of the public.  The collection details are as follows:-

Time:                 Daily from 10am – 4.00pm;

Locations:           North: Knocknaheeny Avenue off Harbour View Road at ex-Housing Area Office depot.

                         South: Roads South Depot at Ravenscourt, Skehard Road.

L oading Arrangements:

Members of the public are requested to bring their own bags/containers. Bags / containers to be self filled but shovels will be available at the depots. People are reminded to exercise due care during the operation.

Supplies are subject to availability of City Council stocks and of course continuing cold weather. Continuation of this arrangement will be reviewed on Christmas Eve.

We are currently identifying another location in the North east area of the city and hope to have details shortly.

In relation to water supplies in the City, Cork City Council wishes to advise that reservoir levels are being maintained at an adequate level and no significant difficulties have so far arisen with the public water mains supply. There has however been an increase in calls in relation to frozen service pipes and stopcocks . Responsibility for service pipes and stopcocks rest with individual homeowners.

Cork City Council advise the public that in order to prevent incidences of frozen pipes and stopcocks the following precautionary measures should be taken;

  •          Leave heating on longer than normal.
  •          Open Attic trap door to allow heat in.
  •          Leave a light on in the attic.
  •          Place a piece of insulation e.g. carpet/matting over your external stopcock.
  •         Wrap a towel around an outside tap. 

Cork City Council has been experiencing some delays in relation to household waste collection . C ustomers are requested to present their wheelbins or branded dry recyclable bags on the normal collection day.  Customers are requested to take in their wheelbins or dry recyclable bags if they are not collected by 6.00 p.m. on the day of collection.

The National Roads Authority is working closely with local authorities to ensure that there are adequate salt supplies. Local authorities are carefully managing supplies to ensure that priority routes can continue to be treated for as long as freezing temperatures continue.

The Council’s Crisis Management Team met again this morning  to manage the Council’s ongoing response to the severe weather.  In spite of the challenging weather conditions Cork City Council wishes to advise that the city is fully open for business and in particular is accessible for the final shopping week before Christmas with large numbers of people travelling into the city.

The Council’s website contains advice to the general public and will be updated as the cold snap continues. The public are also advised to consult and and for weather and transport updates.

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