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Web of Stars celebrates 25th anniversary of Sister Cities - San Francisco and Cork


Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork, Ireland has partnered with Chabot Space & Science Center, Oakland CA. for “Web of Stars,” a unique pilot remote astronomy project, designed to teach astronomy across two continents using a live video link. Astronomers at Chabot will observe the sky at night, delivering real-time astronomical images to students in Ireland in order to discuss their properties and share information about the night sky.

This project was conceived to celebrate the 25th anniversary of San Francisco and Cork becoming sister cities as well as 2009 the International Year of Astronomy.

The sister city initiative was spearheaded by US Senator Dianne Feinstein during her tenure as Mayor of San Francisco. Diarmuid Philpott, Chair of Cork Sister City committee at San Francisco City Hall, has been instrumental in developing the local educational and political ties. This enables progress of the unique teaching exercise which takes advantage of the time difference between the two cities allowing the live link to take place.

"This educational opportunity is an extraordinary way to celebrate the 25th anniversary of San Francisco and Cork becoming sister cities," said San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. "The telescopes at Chabot Space & Science Center will provide inspirational science education to the students in Cork. The two cities will continue to strengthen the links between them and explore possibilities for further commercial, tourism, cultural and educational contacts."

Blackrock Castle Observatory has a mission to provide the people of Cork city and Ireland with a centre of excellence in science by fostering interest in science, engineering and technology through the medium of astronomy.

Chabot Space & Science Center, a Smithsonian affiliate, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit interactive science center whose mission is to inspire and educate students of all ages about our Planet Earth and the Universe. The Center is located at 10000 Skyline Blvd. just off Highway 13 in the Oakland hills.


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