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Medieval Day~Sunday 23rd August 2009


Bishop Lucey Park, Grand Parade,

Cork City

11 AM -- 5PM


As part of National Heritage Week 2009, on Sunday 23rd August Cork City Council will celebrate the history of the city with a Medieval Day Celebration in Bishop Lucey Park. This celebration will form part of the nationwide event Irish Walled Towns Day. On this day members of the Irish Walled Towns Network (IWTN) are celebrating the unique history, archaeology and culture of Ireland’s fortified towns. Cork City Council is a member of the IWTN since 2006.

This day of celebration will include historical medieval re-enactments, displays of medieval weaponry and armour, textiles and everyday items. Children’s activities will include combat using foam swords and lances. Legion Ireland, a re-enactment group, has been engaged by Cork City Council to incorporate historical re-enactments as a means of promoting and celebrating the medieval city.

In order to imagine what the medieval city would have been like it is hoped that a visual activity such as the Medieval Day will clearly imprint the medieval city in people’s minds. Cork City is a walled town since the thirteenth century when it was fortified by the Anglo-Normans.There were fortified gates at the present North and South Gate Bridges and a marine gate and central channel which would have allowed access to ships and boats. The city wall was largely demolished in the eighteenth century to make way for the rapidly expanding town. However as evidenced by many archaeological excavations in the city, the below ground level preservation of the city wall is unique and this stems from Cork’s location in an estuarine marsh.

The event will attract a range of age-groups and sectors but will particularly attract families as there will be a variety of children’s activities available. A number of tents will be erected in the Park. The tents will be fitted out internally with furniture and medieval everyday items. Outside the tents there will be displays of medieval weapons and armour, textiles etc. Two fire pits will also be used to demonstrate the foods of the period.

Further Information available from

Ciara Brett, Archaeologist, Cork City Council



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