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Cork City Council Local Elections 2009 - Election Results

 Notice is hereby given that, following the Local Elections held on 5th June 2009, the following persons have been elected as members of Cork City Council for the period 2009-2014.                 


Cork City North-East

Councillor John Kelleher (The Labour Party)

Councillor Dara Murphy (Fine Gael)

Councillor Tim Brosnan (Fianna Fáil)

Councillor Ted Tynan (The Workers Party)


Cork City North-Central

Councillor Mick Barry (The Socialist Party)

Councillor Catherine Clancy (The Labour Party)

Councillor Pat Gosch (Fine Gael)

Councillor Kenneth O’Flynn (Fianna Fáil)

Councillor Thomas Gould (Sinn Féin)


Cork City North-West

Councillor Dave McCarthy (Non Party)

Councillor Jonathan O'Brien (Sinn Féin)

Councillor Michael O'Connell (The Labour Party)

Councillor Tony Fitzgerald (Fianna Fáil)


Cork City South-East

Councillor Des Cahill (Fine Gael)

Councillor Laura McGonigle (Fine Gael)

Councillor Denis O’ Flynn (The Labour Party)

Councillor Terry Shannon (Fianna Fáil)

Councillor Chris O’Leary (Non Party)

Councillor Kieran McCarthy (Non Party)

Councillor Jim Corr (Fine Gael)


Cork City South-Central




Councillor Lorraine Kingston (The Labour Party)

Councillor Emmet O’Halloran (Fine Gael)

Councillor Seán Martin (Fianna Fáil)

Councillor Mick Finn (Non Party)

Councillor Fiona Kerins (Sinn Féin)


Cork City South-West

Councillor John Buttimer  (Fine Gael)

Councillor Mary Shields (Fianna Fáil)

Councillor Michael Ahern (The Labour Party)

Councillor Brian Bermingham (Fine Gael)

Councillor Henry Cremin (Sinn Féin)

Councillor Ger Gibbons (The Labour Party)




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