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Cork City Council’s statement on Kinsale Road Landfill Site

In recent days Cork City Council has been responding to difficulties reported in connection with the Kinsale Road Landfill Site.

The problems concern odour and flies arising from landfilling at the most elevated portion of the site. In order to address the matter arrangements have been made to cover most of this elevated area with soil material. This work which is underway at present will be largely complete by Wednesday evening, 11th March 2009 and should eliminate the problems arising. Additional immediate measures have also been put in place to deal with reported problems with flies.

It is expected that landfilling will be moved to a lower area of the void space by next week. This, together with minimisation of the tipping area, will assist in ensuring that difficulties do not arise into the future.

As has been reported Cork City Council has been working towards a target of ending landfilling at the Kinsale Road Landfill Site on or before mid-July 2009. In order to facilitate this objective, activity on site has been increased significantly so as to ensure that the required contour levels are achieved by that date. The City Council remains on target to end landfilling as proposed by mid-July 2009.

Any inconvenience caused in connection with the above is sincerely regretted and every effort will be made to ensure that the facility is operated over the coming weeks without further difficulty.





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