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Reference Pfizers Job Losses

Initial statement by Lord Mayor of Cork Cllr. Brian Bermingham:-

It is with deep regret that I learned today of the announcement by Pfizers of the loss of 180 jobs at their plant in Little Island.  My understanding is that Pfizers decision arises from their failure to procure a buyer for the Little Island Plant as a going concern. 

Pfizers have provided quality steady employment over many years for many people in the greater Cork area and their contribution to the local and national economy is impressive.  Given the company’s track record it is my hope that Pfizers will continue and grow their operations in this area going forward.

National and International pressures are creating an environment that poses difficulties for the operation of many companies. As the City’s first citizen, I am fully confident that Cork will surmount the challenges it now faces on the economic front. We enjoy the benefit of a skilled, highly educated and adaptable workforce which has enabled Cork to grow and prosper from difficult times in the past.

I would call on all the relevant agencies to work together in ensuring that Cork remains a strong and attractive location for employment and they would work constructively in seeking future diverse employment.

Cllr. Brian Bermingham,
Lord Mayor of Cork.

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