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University of Georgia students study visit to COPE Foundation


Professor David L.Gast and his wife Kathy Boyle-Gast, Instructor, accompanied his students from the University of Georgia on a study visit to COPE Foundation in Cork which he stated is a state of the art facility that has worldwide recognition. The group are seen here on a visit to the Lord Mayor Cllr Brian Bermingham. They were accompanied on their visit by Maura Nash, C.E.O., COPE Foundation, and staff members.

University of Georgia Study Abroad in Ireland Students Meet the Lord Mayor of Cork

 A visit to the Lord Mayor of Cork at City Hall was one of many memorable experiences had by the students and faculty of The University of Georgia (USA) Study Abroad in Ireland .   This Service Learning in Developmental Disabilities Program is conducted by the University of Georgia Department of Communication Science and Special Education (Athens, Georgia, USA ) in partnership with the COPE Foundation.  This six week summer program took place in Cork, Ireland , from June 6-July 18, 2008.


Dr. David L. Gast, Professor and Program Director, and Kathy Boyle-Gast, Instructor, summarized the program by stating, “The experiences our students were able to have at the COPE Foundation during the six week long program were remarkable, and they had an opportunity to establish very special relationships with clients, professionals and other staff alike.  The students were able to experience first-hand the benefits of community-based services, close collaboration between professionals and parents as well as other family members, and first and foremost, they were able to witness the practice of upholding the clients’ integrity and respect at all times.  In addition to the time spent with the COPE Foundation, the students took advantage of the weekends to travel around Ireland as well as parts of continental Europe, to learn about Irish and other cultures.”


“The facilities and programs of the COPE Foundation in both Cork city and county continue to strive to provide state of the art services and to apply the most sound and research-based practices.  We are deeply grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of this study abroad program—especially all of the wonderful clients!  In the future, we hope to broaden our exchange of ideas and resources even further, including having visits to Georgia from COPE Foundation professionals. We feel very fortunate to have been able to forge the relationship with the COPE Foundation, and we look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.”

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