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Cork City Council’s South Docks Plan goes on public display

Docklands team South Docks launch

Staff of the Docklands Directorate (Pat Ledwidge, Director of Services, Emilie Vignon Planning Intern, Seamus Coghlan, Senior Engineer and Evelyn Mitchell, Senior Executive Planner) with Joe Gavin, City  Manager, David Bossonet, Brady Shipman Martin. John Paul O’Sullivan, I.L.T.P.  and Richard Collins, O’Mahony Pike Architects at the launch of the Public Exhibition for the Draft South Docks Local Area Plan.

The Draft Plan to transform Cork's South Docks into a vibrant city quarter is on public display from Monday, 9th July  - Friday, 13th July 2007 at Millennium Hall, City Hall, Cork. Cork City Council is urging people throughout the city to see the proposals and share in the development by having their say.

“This is a huge part of the future of our city and we are urging people to share their opinions by coming to the Exhibition and then making their views known,” a City Council spokesperson said.“The South Docks Local Area Plan covers an area that is more than twice the size of the city centre with the potential for 25,000 jobs and 20,000 residents in the area. It creates huge opportunities to bring Cork into the future as a modern European city with a superb quality of life”.

Elements of the Plan include three new bridges over the River Lee, a light rail system running from the Marina to the city centre - with the potential to extend to Mahon and Douglas - landmark buildings up to 22 storeys high, a sub-regional park and riverside walkway, schools, residential and shopping areas.

The Exhibition will run from Monday 9th to Friday 13th July at the Millennium Hall from 1pm to 7pm daily. 'We want as many people as possible to use this opportunity to share their views on the vision for the future of the city,” the spokesperson said.

The Exhibition includes detailed graphics and drawings of the Plan as well as 3d flyover displays. The Docklands area comprises nearly 190 hectares, has four kilometres of waterfront and stretches from Custom House Quay all the way to Blackrock.

“You can also view the Plan on, in any City Council public library or at the Docklands Directorate Office, Floor 2, City Hall each Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Submission can be made until Friday, 24th August and there is also a public consultation website on the above address,” the spokesperson added. All submissions will be taken into account in deciding upon the final Plan.

Further Information is available from

Evelyn Mitchell, Senior Executive Planner, Docklands Directorate, Cork City Council

City Hall, Cork.Tel: (021) 4924347  email:

Nigel O’Mahony, OMF Publicity, Tel: 021 4965000/1. Mob: 086 2497530. email:


South Docks City Manager and Lord Mayor
City Manager Joe Gavin and Lord Mayor Cllr. Donal Counihan perusing the plans
Speech by Cllr. Donal Counihan, Lord Mayor of Cork at the opening of the exhibition.

A Aíonna Oirirce, agus a Dhaoine Uaisle ,ba mhaith liom  i dtosach mo bhuíochas a ghabháil libh as an deis a thabhairt dom labhairt libh. I am very pleased to open this exhibition on the proposals contained in the Draft South Docks Local Area Plan.  This exhibition is part of the public consultation phase which will finish on August 24th next. 

The regenerated South Docks will be a major element in the achievement of Cork’s Gateway status as set out in the National Spatial Strategy.  It proposes residential and employments targets for the area of 20,000 and 25,000 respectively which will be major positive additions to the City. 

Given the importance of this area to the future of the city, the exhibition is an opportunity for people to view the proposals, discuss them with officials from Cork City Council and to make their views known in submissions on the Draft Plan.  The opening hours of the exhibition have been designed to facilitate attendance during lunch hour and after work.

The exhibition is part of wider programme of information that also entails the distribution of 20,000 leaflets (with a FREEPOST questionnaire response section) to local businesses and residents, circulation of the plan to each of the Cork Docklands Stakeholder Fora, an eConsultation facility and access to the Draft Plan on the City Council Website

The Draft South Dock Local Area Plan has been prepared to provide a detailed planning and development framework for the South Docks Area which covers most of the lands between Albert Quay and Church Avenue in Blackrock and between the River Lee to the Blackrock Road.  It will provide certainty regarding the potential of the area and the steps needed to be taken to make the vision a reality.

The Draft Plan consists of four documents:

1. Local Area Plan

2. Public Realm Strategy

3. Infrastructure Strategy

4. Strategic Environmental Assessment

It is envisaged that the South Docks area will be developed as a high density urban quarter based around a District Centre and two Neighbourhood Centres served by high quality public transport.  The Draft Plan sets out proposals in relation to zoning, movement and access, building height, open space, conservation of buildings and other heritage elements, community, medical and education (including third level) facilities.

Guidance on floor levels and preliminary flood protection proposals are also included.  Two rivers crossings are proposed at the Skew Bridge and Water Street in the short-term with a third option at Mill Road in the longer term.  Positive interaction with the River Lee is also provided for in relation to recreation and transport usage. 

 The draft Infrastructure Strategy identifies the critical infrastructure required to support and facilitate the development in the areas of Water, Sewerage, Flood Mitigation, Utilities, Roads, Bridges and Transport.  It also sets out the phasing and implementation plan required for the delivery of the development such that it is infrastructure-led. 

The importance of public transport provision and other measures to promote environmental sustainability are also stressed in the Draft Plan.

The Draft Public Realm Strategy examines how the “space between buildings” will be managed.  This is the area where people interact with each other and it will be the major influence on the image of the South Docks and the quality of life for those living and working there.  Major features are the development of a sub-regional Marina Park, a public walkway along the waterfront and an extension to Kennedy Park.

The Draft Strategic Environmental Assessment assesses the likely environmental impacts of the development and identifies mitigation measures for negative impacts. 

Is ian liom mo thacaíocht iomlán  thabhairt don tionscnamh seo.I would like to thank the Docklands Policy Committee and its Chair, Cllr. Damien Wallace, for the work put in to bringing the Draft Plan to Council. I would also like to acknowledge the consultants who prepared the Draft Plan: Brady Shipman Martin Planning and Landscape Architecture Consultants, O’Mahony Pike Architects, ILTP Transportation and Traffic Engineers, JODA Consulting Engineers,

AKC Chartered Surveyors and Dr. Colin Rynne of UCC Archaeology Department and the City Council staff from various Directorates who also played a key role in this process.

Guím gach rath ar an tionscnamh sa todhchaí.

Go raibh maith agaibh

South Docks Audience present
Section of the large and representative audience  present at the launch.

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