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Consequences of global oil constraints revealed by Lifetime Lab event

Breakfast Briefing, sponsored by Cork City Council and NTR plc.

An event at the Lifetime Lab Information Centre in Cork on 14th September 2006 demonstrated the devastating effects of worldwide oil constraints. However, a talk by guest speaker Dr Colin Campbell also revealed what can be done to ensure sufficient global energy supplies are available in the future.

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Lord Mayor Michael Aherne reads out his Energy Message in the presence Of Dr. Cambell, Tony Barry, Michael O'Brien, Senior Engineer, Environment and Gerry O'Beirne, Director Of Services, Environment, Cork City Council.

Dr Colin Campbell, an acknowledged international expert on the impact of the peak and decline of world oil production, spoke to an attentive audience at the Breakfast Briefing, sponsored by Cork City Council and NTR plc. Dr Colin Campbell, a former exploration geologist, warned of the serious consequences of the lack of supplies in the long run: “As the concept of ‘peak oil’ has been taken up by the European Union, the unmentionable has become mentionable. Sweden has already announced it will wean itself off oil dependency within the next 15 years and I’m optimistic that Ireland will follow the same example.”

“Experts like Dr Campbell make an important contribution to our understanding of the impact of a declining oil production worldwide on our home markets. As a developer of renewable energy solutions in Ireland, we are particularly delighted to co-sponsor the event with Cork City Council,” said Jim Barry, Group Chief Executive, NTR plc.

“Lifetime Lab is a unique attraction that has proved a huge success with visitors of all ages and from all backgrounds. With today’s event, Lifetime Lab has proved that it can also act as a backdrop for one of the most important discussions of our time. We are proud to welcome Dr Campbell to Cork today,” said Cllr. Michael Ahern, Lord Mayor of Cork.

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NTR plc is a leading developer and operator in the sustainable solutions in renewable energy (Airtricity), bioenergy (Bioverda) and recycling led waste management (Greenstar). Launched in March 2006, Bioverda, NTR’s bioenergy subsidiary, is developing bio-energy businesses in biogas, biofuel and landfill gas (methane) in Ireland and Europe. The company is currently developing large-scale biofuels facilities in Ireland which will provide an indigenous source of supply.

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Audience in attendance at the Breakfast Briefing at the Lifetime Lab

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