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Cork City Council wins the Chambers Ireland ‘Excellence in Technology’ award for Park by Phone

Park by phone

Joe Gavin, City Manager, Anita Lenihan and Ian Winning, Traffic Division, Cork City Council photographed at the Awards Ceremony with Mr. Dick Roche, T.D., Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and members of Chambers Ireland and Cork Chamber of Commerce.


Cork City Council won the Chambers Ireland ‘Excellence in Technology’ award for Park by Phone. The awards ceremony in Dublin was attended by Cllr. Michael Ahern, Lord Mayor, Joe Gavin, City Manager and Cork City Council staff last Thursday the 9th of November 2006. The Traffic Division was represented by Ian Winning and Anita Lenihan at the Chambers Ireland event.

Cork City Council introduced Park by Phone as a means of paying for parking on-street whereby drivers can pay the parking fee using a mobile phone. Using a mobile phone eliminates the need to ‘feed the meter’ or search for parking disks and provides our customers with a more effective and user friendly cashless parking payment option. During 2005 the Park by Phone scheme was launched to allow drivers who become registered users initiate a parking transaction for the period as sign posted on-street.

Cork City Council undertook the implementation of Park by Phone as an innovative measure knowing that the application involved the integrated use of a number of emerging technologies. The focus on delivering a reliable mobile e-payments scheme that was attractive for our customers and that had the potential for seamless expansion in Cork with the potential for transferability to other cities in Ireland was key to our success.

The ‘Excellence in Technology’ Award 2006 provides recognition of the exceptional effort and resources applied by the Traffic Division team to initiate and manage the various strands of the project. Park by Phone was developed in collaboration with partners to deliver an efficient, user friendly, robust, and successful result. The Chambers Ireland Award will further enhance the marketability of the Park by Phone concept and its uptake by the public.

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