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Further Update On Disruption To Water Supply

09/06/'06 @ 4.30 p.m.

Repair work on the two large diameter watermains in Church Street and Military Hill has now been completed by Cork City Council Water Services crews.

The water supply is being slowly restored into the water distribution system. It is anticipated that the system will be fully operational by late tonight.

Some slight discolouration to the water may occur when the water is restored, however this discolouration is harmless and will clear in a short time. Please check the clarity of the water before operating washing machines to prevent possible staining of washing and also before using dishwashers and drinks vending machines.

NB Keep electric showers switched OFF until the water has been restored in your area. Please also continue to conserve water by not flushing toilets, using appliances dependent on water, sprinkling gardens, washing cars etc.

For members of the public who may experience problems on restoration of their supply, the Water Services telephone line - 4924145 - will be open until 9pm tonight (Fri) and from 9am to 1pm tomorrow (Sat).

Cork City Council regrets any inconvenience caused to consumers while the essential repair works were being carried out.

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