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Cork City Council embraces Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week 2011
Monday 10th October 2011 – Sunday 16th October 2011 was National Road Safety Week.  In conjunction with the national events rolled out by the Road Safety Authority(RSA), Cork City Council held a number of local road safety initiatives throughout the week to highlight the importance of road safety behaviour with emphasis being put on the education of pre-school and primary school children as well as young adults.     

Pre-School Initiative
In conjunction with Cork City Childcare Company Ltd’s rollout of the RSA’s educational resource ‘Simon & Friends’, and ‘Beep Beep Day’ (national road safety awareness day for pre-schools on 14th October), Niamh O’Brien, Road Safety Officer with Cork City Council visited children in a number of the pre-schools in the City during Road Safety Week to reinforce the message of being safe on the roads and footpaths.
Niamh is available throughout the year to visit pre-schools that are using the, ‘Simon & Friends’, resource and can be contacted directly on 021 4924792.
For more details on the ‘Simon & Friends’ resource please contact Lisa in Cork City Childcare Company Ltd on 021 4507942.  

Primary School Initiative
Cork City Council was delighted to be able to host the new RSA ‘Street Smart’ initiative in its Millennium Hall during Road Safety Week. ‘Street Smart’ is an interactive resource which bring issues of road safety to life for young schoolchildren .  It involves a, “streetscape”, mat which invites children to carry out typical everyday cycling or pedestrian tasks using roll play. 

The streetscape is in the form of a giant mat (9 metres x 10 metres) with a number of props including traffic lights, road signs, houses, zebra crossings etc to simulate a real street environment.

Eleven schools from the City participated in the ‘Street Smart’ initiative in Millennium Hall during the course of Road Safety Week.
This is FREE resource for all primary schools. Schools can request the ‘Street Smart’ initiative directly from the RSA or by contacting Niamh O’ Brien, Road Safety Officer on 4924792.

Pilot of Road Safety educational resource for 8-12 year olds
Cork City Council is one of only six local authorities involved in the pilot of a new national Road Safety educational resource for 8-12 year olds.  In conjunction with the 3rd class pupils of Scoil Mhuire Banríon, Boherboy Road, Mayfield, Cork, Niamh O’Brien, Road Safety Officer, presented the resource to the children.  Their feedback will be returned to the RSA for incorporation into the final resource prior to its roll out nationally.

European Night without an Accident
European Night without Accident’ took place on Saturday 15th October. This was the fifth year that Ireland participated in this initiative which took place across 27 European countries in 2011.
The initiative is an awareness campaign run by young adult volunteers who encourage young drivers entering night-clubs and pubs to identify a ‘designated driver’ for the night.
This was Cork City Council’s first time participating in the initiative which was successfully run in partnership with Murt Lucey of Door 51, Grand Parade, Cork and four young adult volunteers.
Seventeen drivers participated in the initiative.

Annual Leading Light Awards in Road Safety
Cork City Council workplace creche, run by Cheeky Cherubs Early Years School was nominated for a Leading Light Award in Road Safety. These awards honour the efforts made by individuals and groups around the country to promote road safety at national and community level.
The Leading Light Awards were introduced in 2008 to celebrate the outstanding efforts of people across Ireland to make roads safer for everyone. They provide a special opportunity for members of the public to honour the contribution of exceptional people who promote road safety in their communities. These awards recognise the extraordinary and often ‘unsung’ contributions of people across Ireland to making our roads safer.
For further information contact Niamh O’Brien on 021 4924792

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