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Proposed Variation no 11 (Mahon Local Area Plan)

Proposed Variation No 11 (Mahon Local Area Plan)

 Notice is hereby given that Cork City Council, in accordance with Section 13 of the Planning & Development Acts 2000 - 2012, has prepared Proposed Variation No.11 (Mahon Local Area Plan) of the Cork City Development Plan 2009 - 2015. The Variation seeks to ensure that the Mahon Local Area Plan is consistent with the objectives in the Development Plan. It includes eight proposed modifications, including: the re-zoning of lands at Mahon Link Road; a bridge to connect Bessboro to Mahon Link Road; an indicative location for a new neighbourhood centre on Jacob’s Island; the omission of a specific mapped objective at Skehard Road; and textual modifications. Please note that a parallel consultation on the Proposed Material Alterations to the Draft Mahon Local Area Plan is being undertaken at the same time.

 Copies of the Proposed Variation No.11 may be inspected at the stated locations from Monday 16 December 2013 to Friday 24 January 2014, inclusive. 



Cork City Council website (pdf format file can be downloaded)



Planning Counter, City Hall

Anglesea Street, Cork between 10.30am and 4.30pm



Cork City Libraries

Check or your local library for opening times


 Copies of the document are also available from the Planning Policy Section, who can be contacted for copies or further information at (email) or by phone on 021-492 4086 or 021-492 4757.

 Submissions or observations are hereby invited from the public or interested parties, children, or groups or associations representing the interests of children in relation to the Proposed Variation. Written submissions or observations will be taken into account by the planning authority before the variation of the Development Plan is made. Written submissions should be sent to the address below and must arrive on or before Friday 24 January 2014 at 4pm:

 Patrick Ledwidge,

Director of Services,

Strategic Planning & Economic Development Directorate,

Cork City Council, City Hall, Cork.

 If you wish to make a submission electronically then the City Council has provided a new system whereby submissions with associated attachments can be made on-line by the public and interested parties.

Please select the link online submissions to access the online submissions system.  The Council regrets that for technical reasons submissions made by e-mail or fax cannot be accepted.

 Please click on the link to access the document

  Notice of Proposed Variation No 11

Environmental assessments

The City Council has undertaken the following:

  • A Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report that concludes that there are no likely significant environmental effects of delivering the proposed alterations to the development plan;
  • An Appropriate Assessment Screening Report that concludes that there is no likely effect on a European site;
  • A Flood Risk Assessment report that concludes that the subject sites are not prone to significant flooding and that the proposed objectives would not result in significant flood risk.

 Please click on the links to access the following documents.

Flood Risk Assessment Summary

City Council Determination on need for Habitat Directive Assessment

  City Council Determination on need for Strategic Environmental Assessment