Key Development Areas

The areas which will be the main focus of new development in the city over the period of the Plan and beyond include the City Centre, Docklands, Mahon, Blackpool, Tramore Road / Kinsale Road and Tivoli. These areas are mainly ‘brownfield’ sites which can be redeveloped to enable the city to provide for the needs of the existing and expanded population as well as facilitating the implementation of the CASP update economic strategy. These areas will act as key development and employment nodes in the city. They will meet sustainable development objectives through the provision of:

  • mixed use development;
  • economic activity and employment provision;
  • higher density development where appropriate;
  • potential for high quality public transport provision;
  • good quality environment and services;
  • high quality urban design.

The regeneration of the City Centre and the development of a new urban quarter in Docklands are the key development opportunities for the city. However it is necessary to have a range of other development opportunities to allow choice in location and to facilitate a range of development types. 

Fig.2.3 Cork City Development Strategy (City Development Plan, 2009)

Development Strategy 2009