Lifelong Learning Festival

Monday 19th – Sunday 25th of March 2018.

 Cork Lifelong Learning Festival Brochure 2018

 Cork’s Lifelong Learning Festival promotes and celebrates learning of all kinds, across all ages, interests and abilities. The festival’s motto is 'Investigate, Participate, Celebrate', and the public can do that by watching demonstrations, trying out skills, and seeing others; from the young to the old, show off what they are learning.
During the festival all events are free and accessible to everyone.
Learning is promoted as fun with events including performances, debates, taster sessions, tours, displays and demonstrations. They take place right across Cork in a variety of venues indoors and out, including shopping centres, libraries, museums, resource and community centres, parks, sports grounds, private businesses and on the streets.
Look out for our free festival programmes which are available in local libraries, host venues and in Cork City Hall foyer.





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