Flood Management

The Environment Directorate of Cork City Council is responsible for assessing flood risk from watercourses and tidal waters, and managing the impact of flood events.

This involves monitoring waterways in the City for potential of flooding and includes maintenance of culverts. In relation to tidal and fluvial flooding risks from the River Lee, weather forecasts and gauge levels are monitored and when appropriate, alerts are issued through the media.

Risk management measures such as road closures, traffic management etc are implemented where required.

Flood Relief Schemes

The Environment Directorate is involved in the design of flood relief projects proposed in Cork.

Flood Relief Projects are undertaken in association with the Office of Public Works (OPW), the agency with responsibility for dealing with flood management nationally. There are currently two major flood relief projects undergoing design within the Cork City boundary

Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme

In 2013, the OPW commenced formulation of the Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme (LLFRS) to address flooding issues downstream of Inniscarra Dam.

Cork City Council has been heavily involved in the progression of the scheme design through the City Centre, with the aim of maximising scheme design for the benefit of the City, with significant emphasis on an improved riverside Public Realm.

River Bride (Blackpool) Flood Relief Scheme

The proposals for the Blackpool Flood Relief Works are expected to be reviewed by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform (DPER) towards the end of 2018.

Should OPW Ministerial Approval be achieved in 2019, it is intended that the scheme would proceed to construction during 2019.

For more information please visit: 

OPW Website - Lower Lee Flood Relief Scheme

OPW Website - River Bride (Blackpool) Flood Relief Scheme

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