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Discovery Exhibition 2011

Discovery, Cork’s Science Festival is one of the biggest events of Science Week Ireland , running this year for two whole weeks – 7-19 November 2011. Schools can book workshops to visit them or visit the city hall exhibition through the booking form posted to all schools in Cork City and county. Not got the form? Call us: 021 492 4596

Family days this year are 2-6 pm on Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 November, City Hall, Cork.

Did you collect our FACTOID CARDS  last year? We have now made them available to print & paste – all you need is a cereal box, scissors (be careful) and some glue to recreate our most popular science giveaways ever - please see below.

Families of all ages enjoy the family days, and Rob Hill’s 3D tours have wowed whole schools - Discovery wants to encourage the culture of scientific awareness for all.

Discovery’s main aim, though, is to interest 10-15 year olds in science, engineering, technology and maths through fun activities, puzzles and games. In showing young people how interesting and relevant to daily life these subjects can be, Discovery lights the spark of inquiry and investigation, asking & answering questions such as: ‘How does this work?’, ‘What happens if I...’

By doing this, we encourage the uptake of science, technology engineering and maths through secondary school, into college and onwards, to meet the future recruitment needs of local high skill employers and thus support our local economy.

‘This event aims to encourage young people to be inquisitive and to seek a better understand of how things work - hopefully it will also provide the motivation for more young people to pursue a career in these important fields,’ says Ted Owens (CEO of Cork City VEC and chair of the Cork City Learning Forum, organisers of ‘Discovery’).

Regular exhibitors include UCC, CIT, the Tyndall National Institute, Lifetime Lab and FÁS, along with Cork City Council, Cork Electronics Industry Association, the Garda Siochána and the Defence Forces, plus local technology-based businesses.

The Discovery 2011 Brochure for the City Hall exhibition.

Discovery 2011 Schedule

List of our 2011 Exhibitors 

Discovery Flyer 2011

Factoid Cards

To see what it’s all about, watch a movie clip of Discovery on YouTube:


- Saturday 12th: 3D Tours of the Universe and the Human Body with Rob Hill -

- Sunday 13th: Science Magic Show with Declan Kennedy –

- Saturday 19th: Family Day at Eli Lilly, Kinsale -

Special events for older students:

‘Cosmic Careers’

3rd to 5th year students are invited to a special morning of talks & shows in the Nexus Centre, CIT on Nov 14. Starting with a 3D tour of the Universe, students will hear how working in the exciting world of space exploration is an entirely possible career for young people in Cork.  This event is organised in association with CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory.


Con McCarthy, hailing from Skibbereen, who has had an illustrious career in the European Space Agency.

Carl Jackson telling us about his company SensL, which makes sensors for space missions.

Greg Johnson, NASA astronaut, will regale us with tales of his time in the International Space Station.

In the hall before and after these speakers, researchers from the Blackrock Castle Observatory and European Space Education Resource Office will be available to talk to budding explorers.

This event preceeds the switch-on of the Big Dish radio dish in Midleton later that evening. More info on

Science Juice

Mars Science Lab: Come vie a 3D show on Mars and talk space exploration with Kevin Nolan from the Planetary Society Sat 19th November 3 p.m. in Mahon Point Foodcourt, suit ages 13 - 18. Science Juice is a youth version of Cork Science Café which runs as part of "First Fridays at the Castle" at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory. This event is co-ordinated in association with BCO. 

International Year of Chemistry, 2011

Discovery continues to roll out its MEGAMOLECULES Transition Year project, linking selected schools to local companies through Pharmachemical Ireland.


As part of our 2 week program, workshops & shows visit schools around Cork and are also available in City Hall.

Armagh Planetarium

Make a rocket to launch in the school yard, or explore the wonders of the universe and of the human body in marvellous 3D

Steve Thomas - Roboteer

This year, Steve offers a whole day design challenge to schools. Solve a design problem and decorate your creation. For shorter sessions, Steve has a box of teddies you can make dance!

Cork Electronics Industry Association

Engineer your own lights, flying objects and sirens at the Brainbox electronics workshops (ages 8-12)

Blackrock Castle Observatory

First time booking through Discovery, the team at BCO will come make rockets, challenge your maths skills or bring their wonder-filled Portable Planetarium to your school

Lifetime Lab/ SEAI Energy Challenge

Enjoy exploring energy awareness in this active games challenge

Maths Challenge

A range of puzzles designed to get your maths brain working in unusual ways. Engineers Ireland Cork volunteers will help you!

Periscopes & Light

Junior Achievement bring back their successful workshop on the properties of light – including making a periscope

*note: Not all workshops are available at all times. Booking is first come first served, through the form schools have received in the post. If your school has not received a form, please contact the Discovery office.

Here's a quick look at discovery 2010!

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