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Slum Clearance 1920 - 1940

The founding of the Cork Town Planning Association in 1922 marked the beginning of a serious attempt to deal with the problem of the dreadful housing conditions in parts of the Middle Parish and the areas around Barrack Street, Shandon Street and Blarney Street. 

In 1926 the Cork Town Planning Association produced Cork: a civic survey which provided a template for Cork Corporation’s housing developments at Capwell, Turner’s Cross, Gurranabraher and other suburban sites. Cork Corporation itself had been dissolved in 1924 after an investigation into its activities demanded by the Cork Progressive Association which was founded in 1923. Philip Monahan, who later became Cork City Manager, was appointed to administer the city during the period of the dissolution of Cork Corporation. In 1929 Cork Corporation was reinstated after the passing of the Cork City Management Act that reduced the number of councillors and entrusted executive powers to the Cork City Manager. Philip Monahan was duly appointed as the first Cork City Manager. Monahan had initiated the building of the housing schemes that helped to clear the slums.